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After thirty years of teaching, Sue has now come to art late in life. She attended art classes when living in France in 2004 and became completely hooked. On returning to England she enrolled on a BA course at Warwickshire School of Art and completed a Masters in Fine Art at Birmingham City University in 2016.


She specialises in Minimalist Installation and Sculpture, drawing on the location of reclaimed objects and giving them a new life through art. Her work also reflects a strong interest in the use of colour and its harmony and resonance within the context of the chosen pieces. Recently she has been adding sound, light and video into the mix, but still maintaining the Minimalist Mantra: "Less is More".


In addition Sue has also explored many other media including detailed pencil drawings, street photography and printing.

The project in 2017 investigated the use of knitting within a community environment and explored Yarn Bombing and Giant Knitting. This culminated in the formation of the Sibknit Yarn Bombing Crew, who created pieces to Yarn Bomb the village of Sibford Gower during Oxfordshire Art Weeks (May 2017)


Sue has exhibited in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Birmingham, Suffolk and locally.


2010 - present
2010 - present

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