Tracing Time Layering Landscape

The OHMS collective is a group of artists, Sue Wightman, Melissa Sheffield, Ije Carr and Thomas Vasseaux. The collective meet on a monthly basis for group critiques, to discuss and plan collaborative ideas and ways of disseminating practice.


The latest project TRACING TIME, LAYERING LANDSCAPES will see the OMHS Collective expand with the addition of Thomas Vassaux (MA) exploring landscape through concepts of mutability, time, place, aeolian processes and Deleuzian meanders. They will visit landscapes inland and coastal, interacting with the natural and man-made environment, reflecting upon their observations and experimentation through discussion and artistic outcomes. 

The landscape has many layers both natural and man-made, there are tracks and trails to be followed physically, conceptually and emotively. Time – past, present and future, mingles; objects can be conduits to events real or imagined; we wonder about relationships between the rocks and the trees, the voices on the wind or in the call of birdsong; how communities of flora, fauna and man communicate and co-exist in rhythms not always consciously detected but in which we take some part.


In March 2017 the collective visited the Burton Dasset Hills Country Park, Warwickshire and then in June to Formby Point, Sefton to play, test out ideas and explore thoughts for a larger project.

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